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We all know that the quality of a team is not simply the sum of each individual's talents. A real team functions on the basis of trust, supports each other through thick and thin, knows each other's strengths and weaknesses, pitfalls and sensitivities, has a vision and a mission, meets with an open mind and is open to change. We are convinced that this change can be anchored better and more sustainably under the guidance of a coach.

Through our learning modules, we as a coach want to set out together with an individual, team or organization that needs a change, pursues a goal, identifies a need or can use support during difficult times. The starting point here is to do activities that are best suited to that intended goal, the desired change or that need. With this we wish to have a lasting impact on the individual, team or organization in question.

We situate three levels of active working methods here:

  1. Learning based on existing team building formats
  2. Team vitamins: body check-up of team dynamics
  3. Specific modules on leadership, absenteeism, burnout, communication ...


With our approach we mainly try to work preventively/proactively in order to make a team resilient and healthy. When a team has sufficient resilience, problems such as absenteeism and staff turnover decrease, which otherwise often means a great cost for an organization. Each team is eligible. Also in good teams there are always components that you can mark to strengthen the resilience in all contexts.

We hereby request a mandate from the entire group and provide a safe framework during this process. What is said during the activity remains between us. We do not write a report, the reflection and drawing of conclusions is done together in a group. The focus is on experiencing a power of change through the different activities. We discuss pitfalls, strengths and weaknesses, we do not avoid sensitivities, we make agreements and plan actions to change the workplace.

It is important that people always opt for realistic objectives during a learning process. It is not the intention to suddenly set the bar so high that people shut down or end up in their stress zone. We look for the terrain that can be moved and so try to stimulate people just outside their comfort zone in the so-called learning zone, however always within a safe context. This stimulus can be physical, mental, collective and emotional and is just big enough to learn something from it. The goal is to indicate a few angles that have emerged at the end of the trajectory, making it easier to change a current behavior into a desired behavior.


Recent Cases

  1. Mediamarkt - June-July 2021 - Customer Centricity
  2. Médécins Du Monde - Trajectory 2019-2020 - Organizational structure and business climate
  3. Ikea - February 2020 - Team Dynamics - Working around values, customer focus and communication
  4. Puratos - December 2019 - Cook & Meat - Team Vitamins
  5. Japan Tobacco International - December 2019 - Garbage Sound Factory - Agility & Sustainability
  6. Andress Consulting - October 2019 - Working With Sheep - Functional leadership
  7. KPMG - September 2019 - Train The Trainer - Introduction, Ice Breakers & Energizers
  8. Atlas Copco - May 2019 - Business Plan Coaching (Cost 2 Productivity Center) through various activities
  9. Mediamarkt- November 2018 - Working With Sheep - Functional leadership


Mediamarkt - June & July 2021

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