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2CV: Route des Collines

The route des Collines will show you the countryside in al his majesty. The route will bring you to Henegouwen and the "Parc naturel du Pays des Collines". After a loop in the middle of the wonderful Nature park the rolling landscapes of Buissenal and Mainvault lead you to Houtaing, which has a beautiful castle and mausoleum. Through small curvy roads you go to Blanc Moulin of Ostiches and the Ecomuseum in Lahamaide. Then you take the direction to Flobecq where you can then visit the 'Maison des plantes médicinales'. When you reach la Houppe you will see the vast countryside in front of you. In Ellezelles there is a nice pub: 'Brasserie Ellezelloise'. The brewery invites you to visit the installations and to taste the famous Quintine.

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