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2CV: Silent waters

Little Brabant.. The land of Still Waters, fairylike castles, old folk traditions and gorgeous nature.. And very good food. Little Brabant - Scheldtland, is the magical castle of Marnix de Sainte-Aldegonde situated in one of the coves of the old Scheldt. The eminent castle d'Ursel has a French garden and a hunting pavillion, 'De Notelaer'. A regional museum in Weert "De Zilverreiger" where old traditions are still respected. A big piece of military history in the Fort of Liezele and wonderful nature. There is a lot of culture with Emile Verhaeren and the Mill museum. It's also called the Land of Still Waters, perfect to take a walk or to ride a bike.. and a lot of nice food: asparagus, eel or a glass of devils Duvel beer...

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