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2CV: The Fruit Blossom Route

A rural route along the beautiful sceneries of Haspengouw, known for its Belgian fruit production. This Fruit Blossom Route is the perfect combination of nature and culture! In April and in the beginning of May the blossoms along this beautiful Fruit Route pale white or pink. The white flowers blossom on cherry trees, plums and pears and the pink ones on apple trees. Just like that they cheer up the sloping landscape! We start our trip at the fruit company Fruitsnacks where you can also book in advance a guided tour. On the way you will learn more on the miracle of the Chapel of Helshoven, while you are tasting a nice hermit beer. Visit the ancient inner city of Sint-Truiden and listen to stories on the scenic places and historic buildings. Outside of the city you are able to enjoy the fertile landscape of the Fruit Route. You will discover which fruit is being cultivated now and why. The trip brings you along the fructuarium of Rijkel: a live museum of fruits. In Zoutleeuw you can visit the wonderful nature reserve Het Vinne. If you wish so, you stop for a bite and a drink. In this route you will also visit the beautiful castle of Duras - once the setting of a secret love story - and the castles of Rijkel, Kortenbos, Nonnemielen and Binderveld.

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