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2CV: The Horst route

On the Horst Route you will discover the Hageland which is the hometown of the Rode Ridder (The Red Knight). From the castle of Horst we will take you along the sloping vineyards, castles, views and vast fruit orchards. The Red Knight gallops to you from 'his' castle in Horst. Maybe he will tell you some nice stories about the region of Hageland.. or maybe you will meet a witch, 'alvermanneke' (a gnome known in this region) and the Devil himself.. The Hageland, the area around the castle, is known for its vineyards. The wines from this region are one of the best wines in Belgium and are even popular abroad. You can pay a visit to the wine centre or make a reservation for a wine tasting session. On this route there are a lot of historical restaurants with a nice selection of local products.

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