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2CV: The Kempen

You will enjoy this experience for a long time after: The waterways of the Kempen .. And all the more with a 2CV car! A wonderful experience! We guarantee you will remember this! Those who love the water, water sports, quiet and nature will enjoy this journey throughout The Antwerp Kempen to the fullest. On the way you will visit the beautiful abbey of Postel. We start our trip in Lichtaart, yes the same Lichtaart of Bobbejaan Schoepen. Even though Bobbejaanland is the best known tourist attraction, this beautiful region has a lot of other gems. The green and lush landscapes are full of waterways. In some places you can still see a watermill like in Kasterlee or Retie. Kasterlee is also better known as the pumpkin village.. and so this is celebrated every year. Our advice: better check the website Kasterlee Tourism first to know when the best time is for pumpkin soup or other nice traditional dishes! In Dessel you can visit the 37 meter high SAS-4 tower, which was built on the crossroads of three channels. From the tower you have a beautiful view on the channels and the Moise lakes.. on a bright day you can even see Antwerp. Treat yourself afterwards to a pancake or dinner .. enjoy! Finally you will also learn on this route why Dessel is called the "nuclear village".. and for those who love music.. you will surely recognize the festival field of Graspop!

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