2CV Trophy

This teambuilding is suitable for more sportive teams. Not only a 2CV trip but also kayaking, a walk in a forest and a final game are included. In this day program the team is divided into little groups to drive the 2CV cars. They will receive a road book and go on a journey through the Flemish Ardennes. During the day each team will be put to the test. At the start (or at the end) the teams have to milk a goat. On a puzzle you can find the guidelines for the first round. The next practical test is: sawing a tree trunk. After that 2 people will sail a kayak on the Zwalmbeek and the other 2 will go on foot to the location where we will have lunch. At the Terbiest Mill we can eat either in the restaurant or have a picnic catered by the Sjampetter Food Truck. After lunch we proceed to Brakel Forest. There the team will be divided again and the mission is: find a compass and a rubber duck. After this test you are offered a drink. Finally we will play the final game on the location where we started. Depending on the weather we can play a giant bowling game with a big tractor tyre and oil barrels. At the end we provide drinks for everyone and a prize for each member of the winning team.

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