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A day in the Flemish Ardennes

Discover the Flemish Ardennes by horse wagon, 2CV car, tandem, vespa,… or by bike. Guided by living legends like Johan Museeuw or Roger de Vlaeminck. Enjoy a guided visit in the Centre of the ‘Ronde Van Vlaanderen’ under guidance of Freddy Maertens, a fun and crazy quiz moderated by Rik Vanwalleghem, fun cycling anecdotes narrated by Dirk Nachtergaele or a stand-up comedian who can imitate many famous cyclists. Or do you prefer to cook and to make your own foie gras as an appetizer, to process chocolate in a dessert or to take a culinary walk in Kluisbos while listening to legends of this region? Or do you prefer a fun forest activity in Kluisbos or a game of farmers golf or skittles?

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