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A winter day


Ecco La Luna offers a range of fun outdoor teambuilding activities wrapped in a winter theme, including a lot of fun indoor activities, workshops and incentives. Just perfect to reinforce the team spirit even in the cold winter months and to develop the intrapersonal competencies.

Here below you can find some ideas out of our wide range, for a fun winter team day. These activities can perfectly be combined with a cosy winter barbecue, starting with a heart-warming mulled wine in front of the fire.

All those activities are:

  • rain & cold proof
  • optional photo-booth with green key technology with choice between different background pictures and specific attributes and a real photographer
  • ideal for Halloween, Saint Nicholas, Christmas, New Year, après-ski

Here below a few suggestions for indoor-outdoor-indoor and/or outdoor activities

1. Outdoor


Do you also like that special vibe that you feel in the city during the Christmas period? Always wanted to explore the city with colleagues or friends on a fun and challenging teambuilding during the Christmas holidays? Then this might just be your thing.


Wintertime means also the time of ice, so Ecco La Luna developed an interesting workshop during which the participants make an ice sculpture under the professional guidance of an ice artist.


You want to get some fresh air? Discover the beauty of the Flemish Ardennes in winter from a 2CV car and have an unforgettable afternoon! Experience a real bobsleigh ride!


Graffiti has always existed , writing and drawing on walls is in fact one of mankind's oldest activities. Modern graffiti however only became popular in the beginning of the 70's. Graffiti was sprayed on trains, walls and in metros. Nowadays you can see them everywhere. Not only in cities or in places which graffiti are not allowed, but also in museums, in advertising and in fashion. This workshop is original, creative and absolutely modern! These workshops are a source of inspiration for the participants.

Collaboration is very important in this workshop: we work together or per team to achieve one and the same result. After practising individually the basic techniques we can work together to find a theme, logo, catchphrase or slogan.

We basically provide:

  • Protection suit per participant
  • Mouth mask per participant
  • Painting canvas per 2 to 3 participants
  • We work on painting canvasses (for maximum comfort during the workshop- spine-health)
  • Use of high quality graffiti spray cans

2. Indoor and/or outdoor


Let yourself be carried away in a wonderful game where trust and treason were never so close together, because you never know who you can trust for 100%. Who knows, maybe your best friend in real life is a true traitor in the game!


Want to try something different than bowling? Then this is a great alternative to play during the winter. The national sport in Canada!


Also ‘Travel around the world’ can be played indoors. Each team chooses to represent a country and provides its own costumes. During the game the participants travel around the world, from country to country .. Each country faces a practical challenge, knowledge questions, a workshop, a tasting session, ..


Beyond limits is about how to cope with a disability. A part of the profits goes to a charity to support the parasports in Belgium. We will take care of a number of missions and tasks during which the participants can experience first-hand what it is to live with a disability.


If you really want to experience something, then your 5 senses need to be stimulated. With all kinds of challenges in which the teams compete against each other, we will stimulate your senses: hearing, touch, smell, sight and taste.


We put together a fantastic day with high quality, educational and fun workshops on the topic of bikes. Of course you are free to draw up a specific program according to your wishes and needs. In the context of Corporate social responsibility (CSR) this is the perfect theme day during which we want to make the participants aware of the added value of cycling in our daily life and cycling to work.



It's time to polish up those trading skills and sharpen your negotiation tactics as you take on our Trading Table challenge.

This fast-paced activity is all about the buy buy buy and sell sell sell of the trading world; focusing on strategy, sales, competition and most importantly collaboration! Will your team risk the fluctuating trading board and purchase items at the lowest price or play it safe and make smaller profit margins? It's all about strategy in this testing trading activity.

Using crypto-currency, this high energy challenge will rely on quick decision making, instinct and collaboration in order to reign supreme and bring home


You and your team have been brought in to investigate the murder at Cadaver Manor.

In this team building activity, participants work together to unlock and examine key evidence such as witness statements and suspect interviews, using augmented reality and image recognition technology. As you explore the crime scene via an interactive map, you’ll complete tasks and challenges which will help you acquire evidence and assist with your investigation.

Throughout this immersive, tablet-based murder mystery, points will be awarded for successfully completing observational and trivia questions, as well as fun photo and video tasks…

Are your detective skills sharp enough to examine the evidence, find a motive and catch the killer?


The aim of this frenetic game is simple…score as many points as you can before you run out of time! In this game of strategy, teams have to complete 5 increasingly complex levels of tasks and challenges, but the harder the challenge the more points it’s worth!

Team strategy is the key to winning this challenge; will your group opt for a multitude of easy challenges, or work together to solve the higher value more complex questions? All whilst racing against the ticking clock.

This high energy challenge will help participants master delegation, time management, strategic planning and explore team working skills. Most importantly teams will have loads of fun and feel motivated.


During the chocolate workshop we make in an interactive way delicious truffles, pralines and chocolate delicacies. We will make plenty of them so everyone can take home a box of chocolates afterwards. So they can surprise those who stayed at home with handmade pralines and truffles, ..


During different challenges the real pilot in you comes out. Even if you’re a walking disaster, no need to panic, maybe your teammates can still save the day..


Another nice example of a winter activity is the ‘Domino Experience’. Building with Domino stones requires the creativity, communication competences, concentration and collaboration of the participants and embodies perfectly the risks, pressure and stress when working in large groups and/or projects. The workshop also perfectly stimulates the learning process focused on experience. Moreover it just really is fun and exciting.


Talking about exciting: what do you think of an ‘Interactive Quiz’? In this unique (and exceptionally successful) quiz everyone is involved. Put your heads together and test your knowledge on different subject matters. Each quiz round is played according another principle which can change the score after every round! We also use tablets to be interactive with multimedia. Moreover questions about your company and practical challenges can easily be introduced into the quiz.


Ecco La Luna offers a nice collection of classic and modern traditional games. These can be played during a teambuilding activity in a competition setup or just as an optional activity.

The traditional games will without a doubt make your party or event a success. Just like that, the games create a smile on every participant’s face. For every occasion we have a tailor-made activity: company team building event, company competition, family day, side animation…

A few possible activities:

Japanese billiards – Maze – Ring game – Air hockey – Table Hockey – Tangram – Cracker Barrel Game – Trou Madame - Jenga – Cheese game – Shuffleboard – Catch the stick game – Wip Wap – Cube - …


In Casino XL teams compete against each other. Money can be earned by gambling in the casino, putting it on the bank or by lending it with interest, by solving riddles and completing practical tasks for example against other teams. What happens if the bank suddenly crashes? Or when it gives a bonus to the first or the last team etc.? A huge score board keeps track of the crazy cash flow.


Escape to Victory is our unique mobile escape game concept. Each team receives a big box which will little by little reveal its secrets. Once the box is opened, the clock starts ticking. By solving puzzles, riddles and team challenges, the teams will find out how to dismantle the bomb of "The Crazy Scientist” before time’s up.


The group will be divided by Ecco La Luna into 8 smaller groups. Each group gets a table where they can work at later, including a table flipchart and markers.

We start the workshop by giving the theory on different strong spirits, liquors, on the importance of ice, the function of ice, the different techniques to make a cocktail, the importance of a good balance, the combination of flavours, on how to appeal to the senses, … This explanation will take approximately 30 minutes, during which the bartender will also make some cocktails. The guests can taste a miniature version of the cocktail made by the bartender, so they can experience the tastes and textures themselves. After the explanation and demonstration, the guests can get down to business.

The groups have to invent, design and make a cocktail themselves. Each group has 1 hour to experiment with different tastes, colours, drinks, techniques and decorations … During this hour they will have to put the theory into practice, but they will also need each other to present the perfect cocktail to the people’s jury after one hour. The groups will make, taste and drink different cocktails. The idea is to adjust the cocktail until it’s absolutely perfect. Each group will thus make between 5 and 10 cocktails to reach perfection.

We conclude by presenting 1 cocktail to the people’s jury, they will need to evaluate the cocktails on taste, balance, presentation, colour, … The winning team gets a prize, which can be provided by Ecco La Luna.

The groups can help themselves at several buffets in the room. The first buffet has different types of glasses, cups and containers out of which the guests can choose to serve their cocktail in. The second buffet has different types of drinks, liquors, juices, syrups, … The guests can find anything, from vodka to cava and from lime juice to violet syrup. Finally, the third buffet will be filled with fresh ingredients. Fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables will be at the groups’ disposal.

However, certain items are intended for each specific group. On each table there is a ‘mystery box’. This box contains some ‘special’ ingredients, for each specific group. Chocolate, chili pepper, cocoa powder, tomato, coriander, thyme, ginger, … These ingredients are more risky to use in a cocktail, but will help you to earn points with the jury if used correctly.

After the hour, the groups will have to present the cocktail to the bartender and the people’s jury and provide the rest of the groups with 1 cup of their cocktail. The other groups need to taste and give points from one to ten on a score sheet. The points of the people’s jury and the bartender will be added up.

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