Teamwork makes the dream work.John C. Maxwell


To have a music performance in a short time period with a large group? This unforgettable teambuilding activity combines cooperation and fun with a swing.

During the creative process we learn the participants how to use their voice and body as an instrument. Our professional team of producers, audio engineers, vocal coaches and filmmakers guide the participants to their “moment of glory”.

Imagine, all your colleagues giving their best shot and loudly singing their own written company song.

We will hit the studio to record the song. We mix and edit everything to make a unique music video so everyone can relive that special moment and share this with colleagues, customers and friends.


Our team comprises 5 musical accompanists, 2 record engineers+ mobile studio, camera x 2 + cameraman, the finishing in the audio studio and video editing.

Preliminary stage:

There will be 1 meeting with the customer to draft a text, we will then record this in the studio beforehand to use it as an accompanying video tape during the event itself.


  • We can make a beatbox version of this.
  • We can make a music video of this.
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