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Beer brewing

In this workshop the following aspects of brewing beer are explained: the different steps of the brewing process and a bit of the chemical process. Brewing beer will become even more easy when you understand what is happening. However we will not use any chemical additives, it's all natural! What do you need? Every handyman can make the necessary material in no time. The most advanced tool we need is a machine drill and next maybe a short visit to a DIY store. Where do you get the ingredients? Do you need special grain? What is the importance of hops? What yeast should you use? FINISHED PRODUCT Then we start brewing a double fermentation Belgian style lager. Of course we also provide time to taste the beers.. During this time we look at the brewing process: the participants mill, mash, refine, start the cooking process and bottle the beers. The workshop will be outdoors on sunny days. All the participants can take home a large bottle (75cl) of bottled beer.

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