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Beyond Limits and Differences

Beyond Limits and Differences or learning to deal with limitations and differences.

We present the participants a number of team assignments that allow them to experience first-hand what living with limitations or differences means. So here we go much further than just the physical and mental limitations of an individual, but also respond to possible cultural and linguistic differences. In doing so, we try to create a kind of awareness in each participant in order to finally bring about a change in their behavior and outlook with regard to these limitations. We want to bring the participants to understand that being 'different' can also mean added value.

During the assignments, the participants are completely dependent on each other. They will not succeed in their assignment without working together. The assignments provide the opportunity for experiential learning and each also contains a certain fun factor.

Some examples: building a means of transport to take people with a physical disability on the road, braille assignment, cultural rally: play the same game but according to the rules of different cultures, ...

For companies that wish to focus on physical limitations, we can provide the integration of a number of real G-sports (wheelchair basketball, goal ball, boccia, showdown ...), guidance of a real G-athlete or a motivational speech by a ( ex-) G-top athlete.

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