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Beyond Limits


Beyond limits is about how to cope with a disability. A part of the profits goes to a charity to support the parasports in Belgium. We will take care of a number of missions and tasks during which the participants can experience first-hand what it is to live with a disability. It’s all based on “being interdependent”, an experience during which we will not only learn something but also have lots of FUN. Of course, braille for beginners and the news for hard of hearing are included in the program. On request we can also integrate a number of real parasports like wheelchair basketball, goalball, boccia and bocce, showdown, torball,..

Finally it is also possible to invite a number of para-athletes who help coordinate the event or to have a (former) professional para-athlete to give a motivational speech. Can’t wait to experience “beyond limits” for (half) a day? Please feel free to contact us..

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