Cocktail Mystery Workshop

The group is divided into 8 smaller groups. Each group gets a table where they can work at later, including a table flipchart and markers.

We start the workshop by giving the theory on different strong spirits, liquors, on the importance of ice, the function of ice, the different techniques to make a cocktail, the importance of a good balance, the combination of flavours, on how to appeal to the senses, ... This explanation will take approximately 30 minutes, during which the bartender will also make some cocktails. The guests can taste a miniature version of the cocktail made by the bartender, so they can experience the tastes and textures themselves. After the explanation and demonstration, the guests can get down to business.

The groups have to invent, design and make a cocktail themselves. Each group has 1 hour to experiment with different tastes, colours, drinks, techniques and decorations ... During this hour they will have to put the theory into practice, but they will also need each other to present the perfect cocktail to the people’s jury after one hour. The groups will make, taste and drink different cocktails. The idea is to adjust the cocktail until it’s absolutely perfect. Each group will thus make between 5 and 10 cocktails to reach perfection.

We conclude by presenting 1 cocktail to the people’s jury, they will need to evaluate the cocktails on taste, balance, presentation, colour, ... The winning team gets a prize, which can be provided by Ecco La Luna.

The groups can help themselves at several buffets in the room. The first buffet has different types of glasses, cups and containers out of which the guests can choose to serve their cocktail in. The second buffet has different types of drinks, liquors, juices, syrups, ... The guests can find anything, from vodka to cava and from lime juice to violet syrup. Finally, the third buffet will be filled with fresh ingredients. Fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables will be at the groups’ disposal.

However, certain items are intended for each specific group. On each table there is a ‘mystery box’. This box contains some ‘special’ ingredients, for each specific group. Chocolate, chili pepper, cocoa powder, tomato, coriander, thyme, ginger, ... These ingredients are more risky to use in a cocktail, but will help you to earn points with the jury if used correctly.

After the hour, the groups will have to present the cocktail to the bartender and the people’s jury and provide the rest of the groups with 1 cup of their cocktail. The other groups need to taste and give points from one to ten on a score sheet. The points of the people’s jury and the bartender will be added up.

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