Customer Centricity Game

No matter what task you have when working in a restaurant, what counts in the end is the seamless and unforgettable experience for the hungry visitors. And everyone in the restaurant from kitchen help to waiter plays a crucial role. But the same goes for any organisation that supplies products or services to customers. Their experience with your product or service is not only the driving force behind their customer behaviour, but it also determines whether they remain customers. And that is the responsibility of everyone in your organization. But it's not always easy for employees to think from the customer's point of view. With the Customer Centricity Game you get insight in the customer-oriented approach by means of a game. After we briefly give you the science behind customer centricity, it is time to train your customer centricity reflex during the game and finally apply those insights to your organization. After 3 hours of playing you will understand the underlying mechanisms of customer centric behavior and you will also know how to approach this in a very practical way.

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