You are challenged to come up with original solutions that will make life easier, more pleasant and more fun in the future. Take that challenge and become an inventor, following Archimedes.

If aliens can make crop circles on our planet, we can do that at least as well. Anyone wanting to be an inventor? How do we wake up the creative minds in each of us?

In the broadest sense of the word, a genius / inventor is someone who, where others see problems, sees a solution. Because society is changing rapidly, we must constantly develop new visions and solutions. In the last hundred years, every generation has been confronted with an invention that drastically affects our lives. That process will accelerate further, which is why people are needed who can think ahead and outside the box. Think out of the box is more important than ever.

In this team building we challenge you in teams to come up with a solution for a problem. Through this challenge, we go through the entire creative process. In all aspects, the basic principles of entrepreneurship are discussed, namely Dreaming-Daring-Thinking-Doing and the corresponding competences.

The purpose of the team building is to find / discover a creative idea and to develop this idea into a concrete product or service that you present to your fellow inventors. A jury consisting of your college inventors and experts will indicate the ultimate winner of the Eureka challenge.

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