Teamwork makes the dream work.John C. Maxwell


Tough people, those Scots. When there has to be a battle, they play it rough. They throw with everything that can be thrown: trees, hammers, axes, nails, stakes, stones, ropes. Everything, except for whisky. With pipe music at the background and a whiskey (photo!) you are ready for the highland games. Clans with Scottish hats and kilts take on the fight. They work themselves through physical en mental tests and show what they got. Rope pulling, stone throwing, moving heavy weights, hammer throwing,... All is presented in a fun and challenging atmosphere. You will remember this regional event where teamwork is crucial. If required, we can provide a horns pipe band, we collect your sheep and in the end, we can have a great Whiskey tasting. This can be combined with a 'cooking on a campfire' workshop.

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