Innovation Game

Innovation is a bit like eating healthy: everyone thinks it's important, but we don't always do it. So what do you need to do in order to be innovative? With the Innovation Game you can experience for yourself how to make the right, scientifically substantiated choices to stimulate innovation culture in a team or organization. During the game you and your team start a new company. Your team is the management team and you want your new company to be as innovative as possible. In 4 rounds your team will be challenged with different choices. Through discussion, your team will determine which choice you make to stimulate innovation in your company. If your team makes the right choices, your company will grow. How about a new coffee corner, a power nap area or a jacuzzi at work? After each challenge you will get feedback on why your choice was good or bad for innovation. And in the end, the winning team gets a surprise. The game was developed together with Ghent University. Everything in the game is evidence based. At the end of the game the participants receive the highlights. In short, entertainment, inspiration and qualitative insights about innovation in 1 game…

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