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Murder Dinner

Ella and Umberto are married. It was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. The wedding turns out to be a true nightmare when one of the guests seems to be a cold-blooded murderer. You will receive tips to solve this murder game at the table. As the nights passes by the puzzles fall right into piece. Don't be misled because the killer will do anything for not being a suspect. Our murder dinner with as main theme 'a wedding' guarantees a fun humorous and relaxing night which focuses on humour and interaction with the public. Really relaxing when having dinner. At first sight the theme "wedding" seems a cliché but because it's a real life situation, people will immediately put themselves in this situation and actively participate as a true member of the family. There will also be some humorous sketches and songs with tips to loosen up the atmosphere. You will also have enough time to dance.. but who will join you? Our murder game guarantees a cosy and humorous and exciting night where everyone is a suspect.

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