Remote Escape

Remote Escape Game - Ready For Launch

Ready for Launch is a new escape game that can also be played by remote teams.

Earth is about to be destroyed and with your team you must prove that you are worthy to escape to another universe with a rocket.

However, in order to launch this rocket, you must first pass a number of tests:

  • spatial insight with puzzles
  • navigate by coordinates
  • logical thinking with riddle
  • communicate blindly by listening and feeling

Collaboration and division of tasks will be crucial to unlock the launch button and escape to a new world within the allotted time.

Participants download the game on their smartphone (iOS or Android) and can play the game in different teams in the same room but on their own device, via a video-call or a combination of both.

This game is designed as a remote activity but can also be played hybrid or live. For this game there is ** no limit on the number of participants.**

More interested in a Live Escape-Game for groups up to ** 60 persons maximum **? Have a look then at “Escape To Victory”-Format.

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