Teamwork makes the dream work.John C. Maxwell


Sailing means fresh air, working together, ventilate, to get out of the daily grind, to be together. In brief: to enjoy and always have a positive end result. To sail a boat requires teamwork. The crew and the skipper are part of one team that has the same goal. By working togther the team will manage to control the boat in all circumstances and in no time: hoist the sails, trim, coordinate the movements, .. The participants should after the briefing cooperate actively from begin to end to sail the boat. The professional yachtsman who is always present, will only explain without showing. It are the participants thus, that have to hoist the sails, go overboard, take the steering wheel, .. Regularly the participants have to complete other tasks so at the end of the demonstration, everyone will have done his or her own task. No experience required. So, come aboard and discover the magical sailing world.

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