Sherlock Sax Dinant

The detective game on foot and by e-boat.

Sherlock Sax puts your detective skills to the test. Armed with a Tablet / Ipad, you will be presented with a whole series of detective-related questions and challenges in teams of 5 to 7 people. An eye for detail, a fantastic memory and the urge to be just one step ahead of the other teams is essential in this exciting team building, to ultimately be the first to find Sax's Saxophone!

To find out everything about this mysterious story, we can also tell you that this quest will not only take place in the narrow streets of Dinant. The search also moves on the water of the Maas. With small electrically powered boats that you can drive yourself, you will look for the latest puzzle pieces to find Sax's Saxophone. Navigating is simple: a single lever for speed and direction. This tour extends between the two locks, in Anseremme and 200 meters lower in the center of Dinant.

Don't lose sight of the other teams and the clock as you try to complete the missions. By using the interactive map and live scoreboard, you need to go to the right places via GPS to activate photo and video assignments, questions and riddles. The assignments focus on strategy, collaboration and creativity.

Optionally we can end this day with a BBQ per cruise. During this cruise from 3 to 4 hours you will enjoy a beautiful cruise on the Maas, feed the hungry stomachs with a delicious BBQ on board of the Sax. Ideal framework to boast about how you have achieved the heroic victory or find out where you were just a step too late to be the first to get Sax's coveted Saxophone.

This game concept can be played on a half day or full day basis. You can also combine this game concept with city games in Namur, Fort Boyard Namur and the Lesse Trophy.

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