Soap Box Experience

Build your own soapbox!

Keywords in this teambuilding are tactics, strategy and creativity.

Your group will be divided into several 'race stables' (1 soapbox per team of 7 persons).

The activity takes place in different phases - in which points can be earned each time:

  • The teams choose a name for their 'race stable' and create their own logo;
  • Through various interactive challenges on Ipad, the teams earn money to buy parts for their soapboxes in the garage shop.
  • All parts to build and decorate the soapboxes are displayed 'in the garage' by our 'Mario and Luigi'.
  • There are no fixed prices for the parts, it's up to you to negotiate with our "Mario and Luigi" who have their roots in the mafia country par excellence: Italy.
  • Once the teams have purchased enough building blocks, they start building their soapboxes.
  • In the end, the teams are presented with a number of challenges, which they successfully complete with their own soapbox.
  • The team that scores the most points on the various challenges and builds the most beautiful soapbox is the deserved winner of this experience!

Duration : 3 to 4 hours - including a short break.

Optional : with coaching

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