Teamwork makes the dream work.John C. Maxwell

Soapbox race

This team building concept enables you to give free rein to your imagination.

We will divide your team into various race teams and the activity will be done in phases that will each be rated by our judges:

  1. We start with the presentation of the materials that each team will get to build and design their soapbox, before starting they will also have to give themselves a name and create a logo. One this is done they can start building their dream car.
  2. The second phase will be the creation of the track and the implementation of security systems consisting of straw bales.
  3. The third phase will be the presentation of the teams in front of their competitors. Therein participants will describe their cars and argue why their concept is the best
  4. The grand finale of the day will be the soapbox race, be sure to choose your driver (and if we have a flat surface, your engine on legs...) And of course shout to support your favorite team.

The day will end with a closing drink with champagne and during the presentation of the cup and bottles to the winning team on our podium.

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