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Spy murder

The American an British secret intelligence agencies CIA and MI6 are joining forces with a team of Belgian hackers to solve the murder of a Russian spy. Collaboration between the different teams will be essential in order to solve the murder. Each team armed with a tablet, will take to the streets of your chosen location looking for traces that can help them to solve the murder. On the way the have to solve a range of spy inspired tasks, challenges and questions. An eye for detail, a magnificent memory and a competitive streak is what’s required of you and your fellow spies for this fun, competitive team event.

You’ll need to keep tabs on opposing teams during the event and work against the clock to complete a range of missions! Using the interactive map and a live scoreboard teams will need to quickly navigate via GPS to exactly the right location to activate tasks, questions and challenges, which include photo and video tasks designed to get team members interacting, working together and using their creativity.

This game is possible indoors and outdoors.

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