Team Dynamics

We put the team to work on the basis of a number of active working methods. After the action, we and the team will look back at how it went. What dynamics have surfaced? What do we recognize? What impact does this dynamic have on cooperation? On individual team members? What made me get a lot of energy through it and what made me drop out due to energy loss? How can we do it differently? As a team and as a team member? What does this mean for our daily cooperation?

Very diverse themes can be addressed due to the wide variety of challenges. Themes such as communication, what place may and can I take in this team, is everyone heard or just the loud ones, how do we deal with time pressure, how do we respond to sudden changes, who takes the lead, do we wait for the boss to do something or we take responsibility and ownership, what with open feedback, how safe do I feel to share things sincerely with the team ...

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