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The Bucket List

This teambuilding is no longer available

The participants of the Bucket List have to fill a barrel of water by completing all kinds of tasks together (The Bucket List). Every successful task will deliver a predetermined amount of water which is linked to certain competences. For each task there is a contact person, an external group coordinator. At the start these coordinators are assigned and they get a list with all the tasks that have to be fulfilled in a certain period of time. Some tasks have to be completed with 3 persons, others with 5,6,8,10,12 or all the participants. We can do more tasks at the same time. Some of the tasks have to be completed, some tasks determine the endscore and some demand special attention in regards of safety. The content of the tasks is very diverse and can be either active or more as thinking games to even creative games. To reach the ultimate goal we have to plan and work together. A clear communication and taks division are crucial! There is a task slip for each task where the activity is described on. The tasks are described as short and clear as possible and after assigning a taks the external coordinator will explain further.

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