The Church Boat Experience

Ecco La Luna challenges your team with its unique “Church Boat” concept.

Boarding the “Church Boat” is a unique experience in itself. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery of nature and accompanied only by the sound of rowing oars, water birds taking off and the rustling of a boat passing through water. But it does not stop there!

Using a clever concept and the Church Boat as a vehicle we subject your team to topics as:

  • How does our team function and how do we recognise/acknowledge the dynamic being exposed by this practice in our day-to-day professional lives?

  • How do the team members relate to each other? What does this tell about the team?

  • How do we assess our communication and which impact does it have on the team dynamic?

  • What am I doing right, and which impact does it have on the other team members and the team result?

  • Taking the lead or being lead?

  • Do we make a clear plan beforehand?

  • Is everyone aware of this plan and what happens when we do or do not follow it? How do we cope with
    stress as a team?

  • Lots of other possibilities ....

What is it?

A Church Boat is a 12 meter long, slender, wooden rowing boat in which rowers are sitting two by two and where each man has a rowing oar. Each boat has acox,who is responsible for the boat maintaining the right speed and right direction, as the rowers are sitting with their backs to the rowing direction and consequently do not see where they are going. It goes without saying that in order to navigate smoothly and to win it is crucial for the cox to encourage the rowing team as one perfectly tuned team.

Type of rowing?

In our Church Boat we use sweep-oar rowing, which means each rower has one oar, held with both hands.


The goal is not to row the boat, but rather to help the boat row itself.

Where does the “Church Boat” originate from?

The Church Boat stems from Finland where it was used to sail to church on Sundays. From the different remote farmlands each family used a smaller rowing boat to reach the meeting point. From there they sailed to the church service together with other families in the Church Boat. Some people already left on Saturday with an overnight stay ashore in order to reach the Sunday church service in time. After the service, competitions were held regularly between boats that had to go back in the same direction.

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