The Clairvoyant

If your favorite vacation destination is the 'Cesar Casino' in Vegas and you can estimate your colleagues better than your own husband or wife, then it's time to shine in “the clairvoyant”. The game in which you try to predict the future based on human knowledge, analytical skills and pure happiness. This game can be played both remote and live.


Sports betting:

We start with the most classic form in the gambling world. It doesn't get easier. Who will guess the (unknown) sports fragment from the past?

The duel:

In round 2, 2 colleagues each compete live in mini games. All other colleagues try to estimate in advance which colleague is going the longest.

  • Power: Pumps
  • Thirst: Ad fundum
  • Breathe: AAAAA challenge
  • Voice: sing part of a well-known song -> jury determines winner.
  • Math wonder: code cracker
  • Pokerface: keep your face stretched out, other colleagues make him / her laugh.

Human knowledge:

After a short introduction with the characters (via a video clip), the participants try to predict the further behavior of the persons in question.

Now there are always 2-4 options or possible outcomes.

Double or nothing:

In the last round, participants can double their points won by going all-in.

The last die is literally cast. Will he land on 1-2-3 or 4-5-6? You can also try to learn them by heart. In that case you are sure of your final result. * ...

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