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The hunt for the 4 Heems children by 2CV Car

Dendermonde is not only the headquarters of a gangster mob.. it's also mysterious. Dendermonde is the birthplace of the four 'heems' children and of their horse: Ros Beiaard. Just as other medieval legends and myths the origin of this folktale is not clear. Just like other villages and cities abroad proclaim to be the birthplace of imaginitive characters such as den vos Reynaerde (fox Reynaerde) or Tijl Uilenspiegel, also the heems children and Beiaard are claimed in different places. The history of four brothers who resisted Charlemagne for decades and escaped the forces of the emperor on their wonder horse, is a truly wonderful tale. We will also provide per 8 people some horsepower, namely two 2 CV cars. A couple of maps, tips which are cryptically described, coded route descriptions, various tasks, playful, creative and physical - and a good portion of common sense should eventually bring you to the location of the final game. Measure your capacities and efforts with other teams during your quest while following the steps of the 4 Heems children. Blood, sweat and tears, or not just yet? Be always one step ahead of your opponents! Come and discover Dendermonde, Buggehout Forest and surroundings and get to know your team members in an entirely different way. Everything is allowed, nothing is forbidden in this game. Groups of people grow close together while having fun, working out strategies and enjoying the beauty of this region. It's all about communication and working together!

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