Teamwork makes the dream work.John C. Maxwell

The Managers

In the headquarters the teams have laptops and LCD screens with a photo of the street map of the city. All kinds of tasks have to be fulfilled: people staying in the headquarters, people completing tasks and continuously picking up money in the city. The teams have a mobile phone to contact those moving around the city. The players in the city have a GPS so they can be followed on the LCD screens in the headquarters. On the screens all kinds of messages appear. The players in the headquarters have to make the right decisions and send the players into the city. The ones playing in the city can by means of a GPS pick up money and products, which are regularly dropped off at the headquarters, where their team is. Once you have money and products in your system, you can strategically build a company: variables in the game are: 3 types of cash points: -permanent, temporarily and "first came first get"-, promotions, money transport, thefts, road blocks (when trespassing you lose all your information), tasks apart from the GPS' in order to sell goods.

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