The Mystic Lamb by 2cv

The worshiping of the Lam Gods by Van Eyck was without any doubt one of the highlights of western arthistory. In the night of April 10th, 1934 the panel disappeared from the Vijd Chapel of the Sint-Baafs Cathedral, together with the panel of Johannes the Doper (John the Baptist), the panel at the backside. The thief sent 13 letters to blackmail the bishop and gave the panel back. Now the panel of the Rechtvaardige Rechters is still missing. The only track leads to the exhange officer Arsène Goedertier. He told at the end of 1934, on his death bed, that only he knew where the panel was hidden. What did furniture maker-burglar Cesar Aercus see in the night of April 10th 1934 next to the Sint-Baafs Cathedral? Which door did Maria De Vuyst find open the next day? And did Arsène Goedertier do this alone or was he part of a conspiracy in which top politicians were involved? The theft of the Just Judges is the biggest one of the 20th century and one of the greatest mysteries of Belgium. The grandchildren of main suspect Arsène Goedertier gave us some clues and facts which were never revealed before. Will they choose your team to find the missing panel of the Lam Gods? With 2 CV cars, a road map, cryptic tips, coded road descriptions, various missions -playful, creative and physical- and a good portion of common sense you should eventually find the Rechtvaardige Rechters. Measure your capacities and efforts with other teams on your quest to the panel. Blood, sweat and tears, or not quite yes? Be always one step ahead of your opponents! Discover Gent and get to know your team members in an entirely different way. Everything is allowed, nothing is forbidden. In a good combination of fun, strategy and enjoying the city the groups will grow close together. Communication and teamwork are crucial! Remember: if you find the panel of the Rechtvaardige Rechters, you will have eternal glory. However the quest is more fun and important than finding the panel or not. To avoid that you go on the 'lamb' due to frustrations, you should consider these ground rules: Never claim that the Just Judges are somewhere rolled up in a tube, the painting was made on a wooden panel. Don't think it's hidden somewhere abroad, but look in Gent. Nobody will believe you because a quest in your own country is much more fun. Besides it's too complicated to organize a quest abroad, e.g. the local authorities will not cooperate and you will not have enough time to search. Only in Gent is the police willing to listen if you have a tip. Therefore the region between Gent and Wetteren is perfect. When you are looking for the missing painting, bear this in mind: the location should be difficult to reach, otherwise there is no fun to it. The location has to be adequate to hide such a valuable treasure: in a damp sewer not even Van Eyck will survive. The place has to be larger than the painting itself. Tips on locations smaller than the panel will be discarded. The argument that the panel was cut in two is rarely believed. The first one to find the painting wins!

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