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The Ultimate Hotelgame

In The Ultimate Hotel game we transform a hotel into a playing field, through a fun chase, looking for the mysterious treasure. The participants receive tablet computers and are divided into groups of 5 to 6 people. These groups have to find back several objects that are present in and around the hotel. Depending on the weather circumstances this can be played in -or outdoors. Each object you find will activate a surprising challenge on your tablet computer. You will have to apply your general knowledge, make photos and videos, solve riddles and show that you have a good knowledge of general culture.. This city game can take place in city hotels or even on private domain. The content of the mystery can also be adapted according the group's needs. It can be either a educational activity or 100 % a fun team building activity. The Ultimate Hotel Game is the perfect hotel game for seminars when there is often limited time available for recreational activities.

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