Making music together is part of a larger whole. During this musical workshop we will work with the smallest stringed instrument in the world. Namely the Hawaiian ukulele.

In this session, interaction is paramount. Simple but very musical symphonies are taught methodically so that no prior musical knowledge is required. When all parts come together to form a real song, we have reached our final product. You will notice that making music in a group does not necessarily have to be difficult. It is mainly about working together, listening to each other, feeling and fun. Of course, a healthy dose of concentration and patience also help.


Short version (1h) During this speed course we go through the basic techniques and work on 1 song.

Long version (2-3h) In this version we go a step further. Under supervision you will now work in group to compose a song. This can be instrumental or with text and in large or small groups. This depends entirely on you. You make all musical choices in consultation with your colleagues.

Of course, a climax has to be there when you have just written a potential hit. So we are also working on the presence to bring this song with pride to an audience.

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