Unlock The City

Unlock The City

With Unlock The City we want to offer cities and municipalities or companies the opportunity to offer a location-specific game in a city/municipality/village/nature reserve ...

The game consists of 10 locations that must be visited. At each of those hotspots, people are given a location-specific question or assignment that leads to a number. The assignments are released automatically based on the GPS function of the participants' smartphone.

When all locations have been visited, an extra finish hotspot will appear on the map. At this location you will see which handling you have to do with the 10 numbers found to crack the final code.

We provide client branding. Optionally, an incentive can be linked to cracking the final code (voucher for a drink in a specific establishment or a goodie bag from the tourist office or a free product from a sponsor or...).

This game concept can be set up in a village center as well as in a nature reserve or city park.

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