Venue Explorer

A unique, interactive experience with which you can explore any location. Together with your team you will be sent on a mission to unlock tasks and challenges using image recognition.

Armed with a tablet as a guide, you navigate with your team through the location. You earn valuable points by working together, answering questions, completing tasks and showing your most creative side to complete photo and video challenges.

The Venue Explorer lets you get to know any location inside and out, in all its facets, in a challenging and fun way. Educational content and fun are integrated into a compelling game and the involvement of the participants is increased by involving them in an interactive way. Both the use of image recognition and augmented reality technology are possible.

And as a bouncer, the photos and videos can be projected on a TV plasma screen or on a large screen during a closing drink or lunch or dinner, putting the winning team in the spotlight.

Possible locations:

Plopsaland (De Panne), Pairi Daiza (Brugelette), Museum for Central Africa (Tervuren), ...

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