War For Talent

During this teambuilding, teams are challenged to make maximum use the talents of their "warriors".

A number of team-strengthening challenges are presented in which one talent will be given more explicit attention than the other. By letting different challenges take place at the same time, teams need to strategically decide which "warriors" to use on which challenge. Some challenges may also take a longer period of time, making team members unavailable on other simultaneous challenges.

There are challenges around strength, insight, creativity, speed, communication, ... something for everyone.

The teams receive a clear planning in advance with the challenges, timings, locations, the number of warriors per challenge and which talents are important for each challenge.It is up to the teams to use their "human resources" optimally.

The scores are digitally registered per challenge so that the winning team of the ‘War For Talent’ is known immediately after the event!

This is not a standard program and depending on the group size (from 20 to +500), timings, location, budget and wishes of the client, this teambuilding will be tailor-made.

We can work with "basic" assignments, but can also integrate a mobile escape box, the VR-challenge, an interactive iPad-game and a drone-challenge in this challenging program.

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