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Welcome to the Mole - VR Edition

“Welcome to the Mole” integrates the newest technology into the most fascinating game ever.

Welcome to the amazing world of the Mole!

WELCOME TO THE MOLE is a concept in which each player is swept away by a fascinating story where no one can be trusted.

Ecco La Luna has now a special edition of this game: “Welcome to the Mole: Virtual Reality”. Be the first one to enter a VR setting in which also the mole is hiding and connect in a new way with your colleagues in this virtual world.

The concept of ‘The Mole’ stays unchanged, but you will be able to experience the extra dimension of Virtual Reality. You can cut the tension with a knife. The battle will be fought in person and virtually.

The participants will first be divided into groups and then compete against each other. In every group there is 1 person playing a double game: they will try to sabotage the games unnoticedly.

As a team you will not only try to unmask the mole but you will also try to collect as many points as possible during the game. However, it continues to be remarkable that you have to complete the missions as a group, whereby cooperation is the key to success, but also knowing that someone in your group will do anything to prevent this!

In this game forging collaborations is essential to have enough information at the end of the game, to be just one step ahead of the traitor, to take him or her out of the game as much as possible and to finally unmask the mole!

The players of this game start with different ambitions, but in the end they all have 1 final goal, to unmask the traitor!!

In short, let yourself be swept away by a fantastic game where trust and treason were never this close, because you never know who you can trust 100%, who knows, maybe your best friend at work is a true traitor in this game.

It’s our pleasure to take you to the wonderful “virtual” world of the Mole.

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