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Mediamarkt - Juin & Juillet 2021

Mediamarkt Academy and Ecco La Luna co-created a full day coaching program for all store employees of the Antwerp Century Center in June-July 2021.

This coaching program is part of the 'Passion4Customer' program and with in mind the move of the Antwerp store from the Antwerp Century Center to the Antwerp Tower at the beginning of August 2021,.

In co-creation with Ecco La Luna we developed a number of group dynamic exercises around customer focus. These always started with a small piece of theory around the Mediamarkt KPIs, but the focus here was mainly on practicing customer oriented skills. By doing so, the employees were able to experience for themselves how the current customer focus was, reflect on this and define action steps to arrive at a renewed and better flow to approach customers and customer processes.

Step by step, we tried to uncover adjustments that could add value in dealing with customers.

Of course, we combined infotainment and entertainment, by integrating the whole day in an escape game called the Tower invade as the common thread!

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