With the city as your backdrop, get ready for a unique and interactive team-building experience that lets you discover the city of your choice and your team in a new and fun way.

Your own smartphone or our iPad shows your team of 5 to 6 people the way to different hotspots. It's up to you to collect as many points as possible with challenging questions and trivia about the city, surprising photo and video assignments and brainteasing riddles!

Optionally, we can dress our City Explorer, limited or rather extensive, in a special theme. Of course, always in mutual creative consultation. In Ghent, this can lead to a real ‘Lamb of God Mystery’ or in Brussels to a real ‘Metro Explorer’. Our creativity certainly knows no bounds.

City Explorer can always be expanded with the tasting of some local specialties, or with a city guide or troubadour that we integrate into the program.

Afterwards you will receive a digital link to all the photos and videos you made - so you can reminisce!

Get ready for City Explorer, where discovery, creativity, and fun go hand in hand!

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