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What makes a group of individuals a successful team?

We all know it’s more than just the sum of individual talents. A real team revolves around:

  • Trust
  • Mutual support
  • Understanding each other’s strengths and weaknesses
  • A shared vision
  • Open communication
  • Willingness to change

We believe that coaching can significantly contribute to forging strong teams.

Whether you need change, insight, better connections, or support, we’re happy to embark on this journey with you


We work in an experiential way, emphasizing activities that provide insights for both individuals and teams. Through a combination of learning, activities, and evaluation, we aim for a lasting impact.

For many organizations, absenteeism, burnout, and employee turnover pose significant challenges. By working preventively, we strive to make teams more resilient and healthy. Leveraging team members’ talents is crucial in achieving this goal.

Even well-functioning teams can benefit from our coaching. We believe in lifelong learning as an opportunity for personal and team growth.

Our approach

Intake conversation

During an intake conversation, we assess the specific needs of your team. What does your team require to continue growing? We determine the duration and content of the coaching sessions. Our sessions are always tailor made and can range from half to full days, depending on the needs and budget.


We strongly believe in co-creation, where the session content is determined in collaboration with the team. Our coaching goes beyond insights: together, we develop concrete action plans. Fun, relaxation, and connection are essential to us. That’s why we choose inspiring locations, often in nature, and provide healthy food.


Our commitment does not end at the close of the day. We gladly take time afterward to evaluate how you experienced the coaching. To what extent are you integrating the learnings and insights into your workplace? If desired, we can outline a follow-up plan together with the team.

At Ecco La Luna, we’re not ordinary coaches; we’re dream builders.

Our approach revolves around collaborative teamwork and communication because we believe that fulfilling dreams begins with strong connections and trust.

With a team of experienced coaches spread across Belgium, each of us has a deep passion for guiding and inspiring people. We believe in unlocking everyone’s strengths and qualities because it’s the key to a better life, both for individuals and the companies they work for.

We’re here for the organizations of the future, those with a clear purpose that their employees want to connect with. We assist in clarifying that purpose, setting up the right structures, and creating a values-based company culture. This way, organizations become safe havens where people can give their best.

Our team of experienced coaches is ready to help organizations, teams, and individuals develop their best versions. We’re here to turn our clients’ dreams into reality, step by step.

Usha Henning


Usha embodies freedom, inspiration, and creativity, which are reflected in her work and life. As a coach, she specializes in nature coaching, systemic coaching, career guidance, creative therapy, and team coaching. With extensive experience in HR and coaching both groups and individuals, Usha brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice.

Her love for adventure, nature, and connection shines through as she guides you in a down-to-earth manner to tap into your inner strength and live more consciously. From there, you can make choices that lead to a pleasant and healthy life for yourself and the organization you work within, all while respecting your own values. Authenticity, joy, playfulness, and nature take center stage in all her coaching journeys.

Usha coaches in both Dutch and English.

Step into your true Nature

Geert Debusschere


Geert’s mission is to help individuals and businesses realize their dreams. His passion lies in working with (groups of) people, walking alongside them for a while, and then letting go. Geert enjoys thinking about business and other processes, often approaching challenges with an out-of-the-box mindset.

As a coach, his expertise includes systemic coaching, trauma coaching, nature coaching, organizational constellations with horses, non-violent communication, diversity and inclusion, leadership, and working with sheep.

Geert loves being outdoors in nature and believes in combining fun with substance. Sustainability and social impact are high on his list of priorities.

Geert coaches in Dutch, French and English.

No connection without self-connection


Worth every penny

Ecco La Luna has been very helpful throughout the years building our organization. With several coaching sessions of 1 week, Ecco La Luna was worth every penny.
Atlas Copco - Patrick Poncelet

Surprisingly new insights

Surprisingly new insights into connecting based on difference.

This coaching really stands out

I have already followed many training courses, but this coaching really stands out because of the hands-on insights into how to deal with stress reactions from your colleagues or customers.
Era Leuven

Very inspiring coaching session

Learned a lot about collaboration and organisation through very nice assignments. The tailor-made exercises gave us many practical insights into working together and organizing our team.

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