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Murder Mystery Games

Investigate and solve one of our murder cases

Manor House Murder

Your team of investigators have been called in following the murder of Laura Norder at Cadaver Manor. There are 6 suspects… can you solve this murder by identifying the culprit and the murder weapon before time runs out?

Murder On The Train

Set in the 1920s, a long distance train is travelling from Paris to Constantinople, stopping for passengers to board in Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade. Overnight, between Budapest and Belgrade, tragedy strikes: The body of a wealthy Property Tycoon is found unresponsive in one of the carriages. Explore the train to uncover evidence and find out who did it before the train arrives at its final destination!

Murder On The Slopes

A raging avalanche has caused major destruction around the ski resort you and your group were heading to. With the path behind you completely blocked, you continue your journey on foot in a bid to help anyone in need. When you arrive, you hear that a staff member has become buried in the snow; sadly the rescue efforts prove futile, and it’s too late. Taking a closer look at the body, it soon becomes clear that all is not what it seems; this person was murdered, but by whom, and why? It’s up to you to determine who the killer is before anyone else falls victim…

Are your detective skills sharp enough to examine the evidence, find a motive and catch the killer?

  • Online team engagement
  • 115'
  • 5 to +200 participants
  • Virtual break-out rooms
  • Puzzles, riddles, tasks (photo/video)
  • Live scoreboard
  • Wrap-up with videos and photos
  • Online gallery
  • Available in English

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