Have fun in typical Après-ski fashion!

Our Tiroler hostesses are ready to give you and your group a warm welcome at the Après Ski Theme Party. We transform every location to a mega ski cabin, snow or no snow! The original skicabin hits and large beers are ready just for you!

In the meantime we have a snowball-throwing contest and many others like: curling, ski-pants hanging, nail-hammering or other Austrian ability games.

Why go to the Alpes if you can have it here? No, you don't need to dance with your ski boots on, but we will make sure there is a party in the ski cabin.

In this winter chalet your guests will sing all the schlager songs at the top of their voice, but be careful, make sure you keep on the ski run and that you don't find yourself on thin ice, or you might fall off our rodeo snowboard.

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