Go all out for an entire evening, either splurging or spending wisely, aiming to end the night as the wealthiest in the group.

We transform any location into a genuine casino, complete with authentic casino equipment and top-quality croupiers. Guests receive fictional dollar bills that they can exchange for chips at the gaming tables.

Step into a world where big money is at stake, and where taking risks can be richly rewarded (or punished 😉). Roulette, Blackjack, Poker… they can all be part of the program we tailor together.

Think big: The Casino XL Experience

For those who dream even bigger, there’s the option of Casino XL.

Teams compete against each other, not only in casino gambling but also by placing money in the bank, borrowing at certain interest rates, solving quiz questions, or completing practical tasks against other teams…

But what happens if the bank suddenly crashes or awards a bonus to the first or last team?

The ever-changing score can be tracked on a large scoreboard throughout the event.

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