The most powerful ideas are often not those that are merely conceived in our heads, behind our desks, but those that arise from our creativity and experience. Sometimes, you can express yourself better by creating something than with words alone.

Creativity and art are particularly efficient in gaining deeper insight into the vision, values, and mission within your organization. Being creative helps to enter a flow of inspiration and insights. And on top of that: creativity never lies!
Team coaching that integrates various art forms and creative methods opens the door to profound collaboration and innovation. Through drawing, painting, graffiti, making ice sculptures, sand sculptures, working with marl, as well as making music together: Beatboxing, Hello radio, Making your corporate song, or perhaps by creating a joint dance, team members can express their ideas and emotions in a unique way. This not only stimulates creativity but also connection, empathy, communication, and problem-solving ability within the team.

Mix of Creativity and Reflection

The combination of art and coaching offers an inspiring and effective way to strengthen teams, come to passionate insights, and utilize their potential. And it also offers a lot of fun!

During these team coaching sessions, we alternate moments of being creatively active with short moments of reflection and exchange. You certainly don’t need to be the best drawer, painter, singer, or dancer; it’s about the enjoyment and coming into contact with your creativity and the insights that this brings.

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