Step into the role of a curator and create a story that speaks without words!

Design an exhibition that touches not just the eyes, but also the soul, through a careful selection and placement of images that bring your vision to life.
Let your leadership qualities and strategic insight shine in ‘The Curators’ at an internationally renowned top museum for photography.

Your team will work as curators for an internationally renowned top photography museum. As a curator it is important that you design an exhibition in which there is a clear storyline. You do this by selecting the right photos and exhibiting them in the correct order so that your message is clear to the visitor of the exhibition.

You have an extensive range of images to make a top exhibition. Optionally you can add some extra images yourself.

Competences covered:

  • Make choices
  • Kill your darlings
  • Leadership
  • Vision & mission
  • Make compromises

This is followed by a retrospective debriefing about the process, the implications of the chosen photos (quantity and location), etc.

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