Looking for a sporty, adventurous, and educational team-building day in the beautiful Limburg or elsewhere in Belgium or Europe?

We provide you with unforgettable Bike & Outdoor Sport experiences tailored to your team and budget!

With the Bike & Outdoor Sport-Center (abbreviated as the 'BOS-Center'), we organize guided tours in nature with the support of a follow-up car with spare equipment.

A 'follow-up camper' can provide participants halfway through the journey with pastries, fruit, cold and hot drinks, warm soup, or other treats.

The offered apples, pears, and the optional 'after-party drink' always come from regional sources. In the campervan, there are always 3 spots available for participants who, for example, for medical reasons, do not want to continue the journey.

Mountain bikers can enjoy our in-depth knowledge of the most beautiful MTB routes, including a multitude of hidden 'single-track' gems.

Our E-mountain bike tours always receive a very positive response because everyone in the team can keep up well, trained cyclists with minimal support, and the untrained with a bit more...

Even experienced mountain bikers describe the experience of riding an E-mountain bike as 'surprisingly fun'!

A fully-fledged alternative to skiing

Our one or multi-day Limburg E-MTB tours are often rightly considered by our customers as a 'fully-fledged alternative to skiing or cross-country skiing in the Ardennes or the Alps!'

The E-motor does for the MTB rider what the ski lift does for the skier. The journey to Limburg requires much less time and energy loss, and fortunately, we are not dependent on snow. The warm ski clothing can also be used for E-mountain biking, and after the sport, we enjoy a cozy Après-MTB:)

Here are a few state-ments from participants in a guided E-MTB tour: 'Today, I discovered my new 'year-round outdoor sport,' or 'Fantastic team-building activity! Everyone could keep up thanks to the E-mountain bikes, and it was a discovery even for experienced MTB riders.'

Outdoor Sports

In the warmer months we also combine our bike tours with 'Outdoor Sports on the water' with 'Cycling over Water' tours using the unique supbikes (Redsharkbikes), and descents with SUPs, kayaks, canoes, and rafts...

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