Discover the hidden beauty of Belgium’s most beautiful river valleys, and join us on a Packraft Microadventure, where hiking and paddling come together for a unique nature experience.

A packraft microadventure is exploring nature around a river valley. By combining walking and paddling you get different impressions of the environment.

During the walk you carry the packraft with you to explore the landscape on foot. From the water you will enjoy the tranquility of the river. While relaxing in the packraft, you can spot the buzzard hunting above your head, or the kingfisher skimming over the water's surface. The beaver leaves mysterious tracks. Storks announce the arrival of spring!

Packrafts are one- or two-person, lightweight and inflatable boats. Their stability on still or calmly flowing water makes them much more user-friendly than canoes or kayaks. A packraft set weighs approximately 5 kg and can easily be carried in a backpack.

All around Belgium

The packraft is the perfect companion de route for discovering our river valleys. At various locations in Belgium we have developed the possibilities to organize a packraft micro-adventure for groups with a taste for adventure. Through collaborations with local entrepreneurs, we can provide additional activities and/or catering before, during and afterwards.

Some concepts we can offer are:

  • Beaver safari around Leuven (Oud-Heverlee)
  • Packraft Microadventure Kleine Nete + BBQ or campfire diner with (Retie)
  • Packrafting in the Zwin region (Damme)
  • Packrafting on the Mandel (Dentergem)
  • Packrafting in the Ardennes (La Roche, Durbuy, Dinant, Stavelot ...)

To enjoy packrafting there is no previous experience required at all.

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