Course & pricing of a hosted event


1. Instructions

1 week before the event we send the instructions to the clients event manager who shares this information with the participants. Like this no data of participants should be shared with us.

2. Joining the meeting

We invite participants to join the online meeting 5 minutes prior to the event. Participants are kept in the waiting room until the meeting officially starts.

3. Briefing

Our host admits all participants from the waiting room and welcomes them for the game. After a short introduction, our host gives a briefing based on a presentation with screenshots of the app. The briefing lasts about 10 minutes and at the end the host shares the game code with the participants.

4. Game

The participants enter the game code on their smartphone and the host opens the breakout rooms. The teams play the game in their own breakout room and see the scores of the other teams in the app. During the game our host (+ possible co-hosts for large groups) will remain available for assistance. Players can request assistance from their breakout room. We then briefly enter the breakout room, provide assistance and leave the breakout room.

5. Wrap-up

At the end of the playing time (also visible via countdown clock in the app) the host closes all breakout rooms and all participants automatically return to the main room. The host shows a selection of the best photos and videos and reveals the scoreboard. After the game, we will provide the event manager with the link to all photos and videos and the online scoreboard.

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