We have a new website!

New website


Find a complete overview of all our coachings, team buildings, and events.

With a clear division into categories, the new site serves as a handy guide that leads you through our offer.

On the one hand, we thought it was time to give our website a new, refreshing look. On the other hand, it was important for us to highlight our coaching offer much more. As we, over the past few years, have provided more and more coachings, and we wanted to bring this offer more clearly to the fore.

Coachings in 6 themes

We have divided our team coachings into six themes:

Diversity and Inclusion and Non violent communication & collaborative cooperation are our two main themes.

In addition, we offer coachings within the themes Leadership, Empower your team and Mission, vision and values, where we like to use different art forms.

Finally, we offer coachings under the theme Nurturing teams & individuals.

Team buildings in 10 themes

The innovations on our website go beyond just the coaching story. We have also reworked our team building offer and divided our formats into ten categories.

Discover them on our Team building page!

Other optimizations

Behind the scenes, we have also worked on better search engine optimization and a better link with our social media.

While we know that a website is a ‘living thing’ that we will continue to optimize, we are very happy that we are completely ready for the coming years with this website.

Feel free to look around and let yourself be inspired for your next team building, event or team coaching!

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